Post-Decree Matters columbus oh

Post-Decree Matters in Columbus, OH

Do You Need to File a Post-Decree Motion?

Hire a lawyer in Columbus, OH today to settle your post-decree matters

If your former spouse has violated your divorce decree, you need an experience divorce lawyer for post-decree enforcement. The Law Office of Dmitriy Borshchak handles post-decree matters in Columbus, OH. Hold your spouse accountable for their actions and work out a fair agreement quickly.

Your divorce was already stressful enough. You worked hard to reach a reasonable agreement. Don't let your ex-spouse take advantage of you. Call 614-334-6851 now to talk to a lawyer about post-decree matters.

When should you file a post-decree motion?

If you and your former spouse couldn't settle matters on your own, get help from a divorce attorney in Columbus, OH. You may need to file for post-decree modification or post-decree enforcement for matters relating to:

  • Child custody. Have your circumstances changed since your original child custody agreement?
  • Child support. Is your former spouse not making their child support payments?
  • Alimony. Did you have a sudden loss of assets since your alimony agreement?

Let a divorce attorney help you settle post-decree disputes fairly.