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Contempt Proceedings in Columbus, OH

Did They Ignore A Court Order in Columbus, OH?

They may be in contempt of court under Ohio State law

Emotionally charged family law proceedings do not always wrap up neatly. The opposing party's refusal to follow the court's decision may be an act of court contempt. To find a violation of a court order, the offended party must prove that the offender willfully ignored a court order.

What qualifies as family court contempt?

Court contempt can include many things, such asĀ failing to:

  • Pay child or spousal support
  • Follow an ordered visitation schedule
  • Relinquishing marital property
  • Follow judge rulings on divorce or child custody matters

Consequences for being in contempt of court includes fines, imprisonment, or some other steps to correct the contempt. In some child support cases, the judge can even order wage garnishment to ensure that the child support obligor is paying the support owed as ordered.

The process for filing a motion for contempt involves:

  1. Review of the order to assure a violation has occurred
  2. The offended party can then file a motion for contempt, provide a detailed affidavit, and any other required forms
  3. After completing filing all necessary forms the paperwork must be served on the offending party
  4. Once received, the clerk will send you notice of your court date hearing(s).

Before filing a contempt, the offended party must ensure that they thoroughly built a compelling case. Proving contempt of court is not as simple as telling a judge what you have experienced. An attorney from the Law office of Dmitriy Borshchak can gather and present evidence necessary to aid in proving a violation of court order. Learn more about filing a motion for contempt in the Columbus, OH area by calling 614-334-6851.