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In family law, you are often trusted with the client’s most precious and personal interests. This means that an empathetic and sincere connection to each case is essential because it fuels the drive and commitment to work for your client’s best outcome. Family Law is an inherently unpredictable field that requires patience, understanding, and dedication to the client’s objectives. I am happy to work with individuals who exemplify those characteristics every day.

Dmitriy and I’s friendship goes back to Law School, where we were often asked to leave the library at late hours by the Capital Law School custodial staff. Today, we work together as a small, tight-knit firm operating as one collaborative brain trust. We discuss our cases and strategy with the same passion and enthusiasm reserved for debates over sports and television shows.

I never thought I would be practicing in this field, but it suits me well. I spent years in the service industry, wherein customer satisfaction is both a high priority and the source of gratification in your work. Here, almost no one comes to us on their best day. I am proud to represent our clients with the goal of producing outcomes wherein their situations have improved from the time they first reached out for help.
Hank Sonderman


Hank is a graduate of the Ohio State University and Capital University Law School.


His interests are watching all sports, Jeopardy, and spending time with friends and family in no particular order. You can find him outside of the office at sand volleyball, the golf course, and hosting bar trivia.


He has done a little of everything — from bussing tables and selling shoes to being an aircraft mechanic in the Air National Guard and practicing law.

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