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High Asset Divorces Are No Problem for Attorney Dmitriy Borshchak

Turn to a knowledgeable divorce lawyer in Columbus, OH

Divorcing from your spouse is hard enough. The added pressure and emotions of a high asset divorce make it even worse. Fortunately, if you live in the Columbus, OH area, the dedicated divorce lawyer at the Law Office of Dmitriy Borshchak can help.

Attorney Dmitriy Borshchak knows how to handle divorces that involve high-value property, businesses and securities. Working closely with financial professionals in the valuation of essets, businesses, and other enterprises, Attorney Borshchak will aggressively protect your assets and make sure your soon-to-be former spouse is honest about their finances.

Reach out to attorney Dmitriy Borshchak today to divorce your spouse with a reliable family law attorney looking out for your best interests.

Avoid making these 3 high asset divorce mistakes

Emotions can run high during high asset divorces. You need to work with a level-headed family law attorney in Columbus, OH to make sure you and your spouse come to reasonable decisions. A skilled divorce lawyer can help you avoid:

  • Saying yes to things just to get the divorce over with.
  • Letting guilt guide your decisions.
  • Comparing your divorce to that of a friend.
Call attorney Dmitriy Borshchak right away to get one step closer to starting a new life without your spouse. You’ll appreciate attorney Borshchak’s attentive representation and aggressive negotiation skills.