Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free consultations?

Our family law attorneys dedicate themselves to providing excellent service and quality strategy assessments to all our clients, even prospective clients. Our initial case evaluations are of no cost to a prospective client; however, case evaluations with attorney Dmitriy Borshchak have a consultation fee.

What should I provide for my initial consultation?

We request that you complete our firm intake form, which will be provided to you when the consultation is scheduled. In addition, if you have an ongoing case, we ask that you provide us with the recent court pleadings so we can accurately assess the current situation and provide quality legal advice.

How long does a divorce take?

There is no one answer to this question. Our goal is to efficiently and strategically accomplish your goals as quickly as possible. However, we will not sacrifice the quality of work to speed up the process or cut any corners to further your objectives. We recognize that the divorce process is complex and uncomfortable for any person; however, delays in resolving your matter are likely the result of variables outside of our control, such as actions taken by the opposing party or attorney. As the client, we will work with you throughout your litigation to ensure that your case progresses at a pace that makes your preferred resolution most likely.

How should I select a divorce attorney?

We cannot overstate the importance of finding an attorney you are comfortable talking with about uncomfortable topics and whom you trust will keep your matter confidential. We offer attorneys who are experienced in domestic relations law, knowledgeable of court preferences, and understanding of the mental, emotional, and financial toll a divorce can take on a person. We pride ourselves on our discretion and ability to competently and compassionately guide you through this challenging time while exerting all effort to minimize your long and short-term risk exposure. After your case is resolved, your attorney will likely know more about you than your closest friends.

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