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A family law dispute with your spouse can be highly stressful and
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You can quickly get confused, overwhelmed, and lost during family law disputes. Family law issues can be intense, emotionally challenging, and stressful.

Whether you’re contending with a divorcecustody matterchild support, or attempting to modify an order that has already gone through Court, our Columbus family lawyers bring compassion and kindness to your legal endeavors. Hiring our family law firm protects you from an unfair legal result by presenting your case in the best way possible. We advocate for you, ensuring your future needs and priorities are respected throughout every stage.

Trust your family law case with proven family law attorneys who care deeply about the different situations their clients are experiencing. Contact the top-rated Columbus family law attorneys and experience our personalized approach to resolving family law matters. Schedule a free evaluation to discuss your family law case with our law firm today.

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Dmitriy Borshchak
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Rony R.
Rony R.
3 months ago
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I highly recommend Dmitriy Borshchak to anyone going through a divorce. He helps navigate you through the process, gives you the information you need to make decisions, and keeps it moving. Thanks Dmitriy
Efrain T.
Efrain T.
6 months ago
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100% recommended, attorney Jonathan Pope is a great family lawyer and professional, he took my case and carefully listened and provided a thorough explanation about the process. After the case was submitted attorney Jonathan Pope kept me posted in every stage of the process and he made sure my child’s interest and mine were covered by efficiently reaching an agreement taht was beneficial for both parties.
Elena T.
Elena T.
1 day ago
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I was having hard time finding a good attorney who could speak Russian until I reached out to Dmitriy. He was able to translate and explain to me which made a smooth sailing process for me. They are very professional and polite with their clients. I’d highly recommended their services for everyone.

Making tough transitions easier with an experienced divorce attorney

The end of a partnership, especially marriage, is one of the most stressful events you will experience. As you attempt to progress forward with your life, many images and complex issues come to mind that will require your immediate attention. For example, consider how your future single life will turn out, how to divide property, and care arrangements for children (if any). Adjustment to sudden changes will result in various challenging emotions that can affect your judgement. You may be tortured by persistent concerns about whether your steps are the best options in the circumstances. An experienced divorce attorney can provide the advice you need to understand your options and help you make decisions that will benefit you in the future.

Divorce is a stressful and challenging time for both parents and children.

Unless you feel the need to take immediate action for critical reasons such as abuse, it might be worth taking the time to properly educate yourself on what to expect from the divorce process. A considered approach, without emotional decision-making, will help you move forward methodically and rebuild faster.

Think about kids, if they are involved, and your decision’s long-term impact on them. Next, carefully review your finances and housing situation, and decide if counseling could provide an opportunity to address your relationship issues.

Finally, if you decide to proceed and file for a divorce, our Columbus divorce lawyers will work to ease the challenging process and reduce the stress involved. We will walk beside you, providing the support you need while offering a practical resolution. Our experienced family law team will provide your family with comprehensive, honest legal counsel and personal attention to assist you through this challenging process.

Should you consult a divorce attorney in Columbus, Ohio?

Family law attorneys and divorce lawyers are experts in handling divorces and all family law matters that extend beyond marriage ending. In the past, divorce attorneys mainly dealt with marriage dissolutions, particularly helping clients reach decisions regarding issues such as alimony or division of any assets held by the couple.

Today, family law attorneys deal with various disputes, including issues between unmarried parties. Among the family law matters we can assist with:


Do you and your partner have minor children together? Do you agree on child custody and support?

When a divorce involves parents with children under 18, they must decide on child custody. While there are only two common types of child custody, sole legal custody and joint legal custody, in terms of the rights of parents and the child’s best interests, there are also two other categories under which child custody rights fall, legal and physical.

In most states, the family law courts rule on child custody cases and set arrangements based on the child's best interest. This determination is usually based on factors such as:


Parents must also discuss and agree on child support matters, including who will pay for the support, the amount, and how frequently payments will be made.

When divorcing parents can’t agree on these disputes, they will have to try mediation to reach an agreement or end up in a family court asking the judge to rule over it.

Do you and your partner agree on debts and property division?

Generally, in family law cases, the assets you acquire with your spouse during the marriage are considered marital property and must be divided fairly between you during a divorce.

Marital debts are treated similarly during family law matters and should be divided fairly. However, there are exceptions to debt distribution, when one spouse inappropriately wastes assets without consent or suffers debts that were never for the family’s benefit.

If the two of you have very little debt or property to divide, or if you can reach an agreement regarding marital property, including the value and division, you may be able to handle this part of the divorce yourself. However, if you’re facing a complex divorce and can’t agree or feel like you need some legal help, consulting an experienced family law attorney at the Law Office of Dmitriy Borshchak can help you navigate the process and achieve a successful result in your case.

Should you hire a divorce lawyer, or can you handle the divorce alone?

Once you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, the next stage is to consider whether you can handle the process independently or need a family law lawyer.

Before deciding if you require a family law lawyer, you’ll need to consider a few other factors:

You can also opt for mediation as a way to resolve disputes. Other times, spouses realize they have no option but to hire a divorce attorney to guide them through the normal court process.

If you are still deciding which path to take during a divorce, remember that you can consult with an experienced attorney without committing to hiring one.

Contact an experienced Columbus family law attorney today.

We understand the challenges faced in family law cases and will provide tailored guidance to achieve the best outcome in your unique circumstances.

Family law issues are one of the few areas of the law that are complex, personal, and emotionally challenging.

During this challenging time, you need an intelligent, responsive, compassionate law firm supporting and guiding your needs. The type of family law firm that will walk with you through all of the legal stages and proactively protect your interests.

A broken marriage or child custody dispute can be among the most challenging and stressful experiences you can encounter as a parent or partner. A respectful and caring family law attorney in Columbus, Ohio, can help you with tailored guidance through this emotional period. At Dmitriy Borshchak Law Office, we understand the difficulty of such situations and the value of a personal and professional family law attorney. Contact us and get assistance from our family law attorneys in Columbus, Ohio, who will ensure you settle even the most challenging family matters successfully.