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Don't let a child remain in a negative environment. Turn to the Law Office of Dmitriy Borshchak for legal assistance. We can help you create a child custody agreement in Columbus, Ohio. Our team usually receives calls from concerned neighbors or relatives about a child's well-being. Once we understand the situation, we'll explain your options.

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Child Custody Agreement in Columbus, OH

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A client-focused child custody lawyer in Columbus, Ohio will help you determine the right living arrangement for your child. We handle cases involving:

  • Fathers' rights. We'll help you establish paternity and create a fair parenting plan.
  • Grandparents' rights. We can help you get custody of your grandchild if the parent is abusive or negligent.
  • Mothers' rights. We'll explain how to increase your chances of getting sole custody of your child.
  • Relocation. We'll discuss your move with you and the other parent to avoid a potentially messy situation.

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